If possible, it would be helpful if you could please print, complete, and bring with you the following forms to your Initial Consultation. It will save about 10-15 minutes during our first session. If you are not able to, please come 10-15 minutes early to your first appointment so you can fill the forms out in the waiting room. Thank you very much.

1) Click here  to download New Patient Information Form (this form includes important contact information for Dr. Rein)

2) Click here  to download Notice of Privacy Form (this form informs you about your rights of privacy and confidentiality; you do not need to print this form unless you would like to but you should look it over)

3) Click here  to download Acknowledgment of Privacy Practices Form (this form acknowledges that you have received the Notice of Privacy Form)

4) Click here  for Release of Information Form (this form gives Dr. Rein permission to discuss your care with other clinicians and/or family members at your request)