Dr. Rein's published papers include the following (some published under the name Kathleen Lintz):

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• Lintz K, Moynihan C, Steginga S, et al. Prostate Cancer Patients’ Support and Psychological Care Needs: Survey from a non-surgical oncology clinic. Psychooncology 2003; 12(8):769-83.

Kathleen Rein, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist, on faculty at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, based on the Upper East Side of New York City, who practices both psychotherapy and medication management for adults with a wide range of psychiatric issues, including pregnant and post-partum women. 

Dr. Rein received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and then attended Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, from which she received her Doctor of Medicine degree with Distinction in Research.  Dr. Rein has performed and published research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (where she was a recipient of a Schwartz Center grant), Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York (where she was awarded the Rudin Fellowship) and the Royal Marsden Cancer Center in London (where she was awarded the Hadden Fellowship for original oncology research). 

Dr. Rein trained in psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, and is a graduate of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute Psychiatry Residency Training Program.  She was the chief resident of the Interpersonal Therapy clinic at UCLA, and was the recipient of the UCLA Department of Psychiatry 2006 Outstanding Teaching Resident Award.  As a graduate of the top psychiatric program on the west coast[1], Dr. Rein has been extensively trained in the latest techniques and modalities for the prevention, treatment and management of a wide range of psychiatric issues and illnesses. 

While Dr. Rein is able to assist patients with a wide range of issues, she has a particular interest and training in Women’s Mental Health / Reproductive Psychiatry. She also has experience in a range of different psychotherapies, including Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (a long-term treatment for a variety of conditions or issues), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (a short-term treatment for depression focusing on interpersonal relationships), and Couples Therapy (or marriage counseling) for marital conflict.

Dr. Rein is a member of the Cornell Faculty as Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at the Weill Cornell Medical College and Assistant Attending Psychiatrist at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She supervises psychiatry residents in Cornell’s Payne Whitney Women's  Program, a program that offers comprehensive mental health services to meet the unique needs of women throughout the reproductive life cycle.

Dr. Rein has published articles and book chapters, and has presented her research findings in a number of forums.  A number of her publications are listed at the right of this page.  Dr. Rein continues to be involved in relevant associations for continuing education, including the American Psychiatric Association and the Women's Mental Health Consortium.


[1] US News & World Report, 2007 Ranking of Psychiatry Hospitals.