Dr. Rein's areas of practice include:



  •  General Adult Psychiatry
  •  Reproductive Psychiatry (including pregnant and postpartum women)
  •  Medication Management



  •  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy    (traditional talk therapy)
  •  Interpersonal Psychotherapy   (short-term therapy focusing on relationships)
  •  Couples Therapy    (Marriage Counseling)


Kathleen Rein, M.D.


is a board-certified psychiatrist based on the Upper East Side of New York City. She specializes in adult psychiatry and reproductive psychiatry, practicing both psychotherapy and medication management.

As a Medical Doctor with experience in a range of treatment modalities, Dr. Rein provides comprehensive care tailored to individuals’ needs. Dr. Rein works closely with each patient to develop a treatment plan, which may include psychotherapy alone or in conjunction with medication management.



Dr. Rein treats individuals:


  •  with a specific psychiatric condition that may benefit from medication as well as psychotherapy
  •  who may not have a specific condition but who seek psychotherapy to help navigate life stressors and transitions